Grounded By Nature

Who We Are

Our Mission
Sustainably Ours is an environmental social enterprise that grounds us all back to nature.

What We Do
Through workshops we educate others how to live simply.
We host Beach to City Clean-Ups to engage communities around the world in creative community change.

We Naturally, Live Sustainably
We are grateful for those willing to get their hands dirty using natural materials.
Our materials are 100% natural & sustainable to ground us back to nature.

We Mindfully Engage Others in Community Change

Our Programs

For Kids

Our Kids Programs are uniquely sustainable. These outdoor workshops and presentations get kids moving while learning about our earth using alternative education teaching methods.

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Beach-City Clean-Ups

The key to creating a sustainable world is to collaborate with others eager to make a difference. We host Beach to City Clean-Ups to create cleaner, more sustainable neighbourhoods in a community near you.

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Meet Miss Melaina

Sustainably Ours, a social enterprise that focuses on play in education for young and old, was founded by Melaina, in 2012. Living in Australia for her Masters of Primary Teaching, she learned valuable lessons about the environment while immersing herself in the island way of life (from days cleaning up the beaches, attempting to surf and learning about how Aussie’s teach kids about the environment were quite amazing experiences)! With over 10 years teaching experience, a Masters of Primary Teaching, a BA in English, a Sustainability Education Certificate & as a certified teacher in Ontario (OCT), she educates kids in creative and engaging ways. Melaina credits her grandparents and parents for everything she knows about natural remedies and gardening (she was the one out in the garden with her grandparents attempting to master their gardening skills). On any given day you’ll spot her swimming in the sea, practicing yoga and forever getting lost running through forests. With her love of the environment and traveling, she grounds others to nature wherever she may be.